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Rebecca Roll

What is today?
-Today is May 3rd, today is my 42nd birthday.
-May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month💚
-Some people hate birthdays as they get older. I myself, LOVE my birthday as I get older.
Why? Because if you look at the picture below I took that picture when my husband was at his lowest, when he almost lost his battle with Lyme. Some people would be ashamed to share it, I am proud. I was depressed, scared, and afraid of what our lives have become, and where they were headed . What happened to us?
I took that picture so that I could do exactly what I am doing right now.
I am typing this message, to let you all know WE DID IT, we made it through the battle known as LYME. That's NOT me anymore!!
My husband had a long road to recovery, but HE MADE IT. Yes, he has his moments here and there. But we do not question will there be a tomorrow?
We don't question what can we do?
You have many years ahead of you as well, you have a voice, you have a chance for full recovery!
We took this battle of Lyme, that not only effects the patient themselves but also spouses, children and family members, and we formed this group. We can't do it alone and neither can you! Let's make a change together.
So for this birthday my wish is that you don't just sit back and let the world pass you by.
Do something to be the change you wish to see.... look forward to the birthdays, the wrinkles (just means you are smiling more). It's not another year older, it's another year in this world where WE can make a difference.

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