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Maya Gentile

This is Maya, our Lyme warrior who has been struggling with Lyme disease for the past 3 years since she was 12 years old. I could never imagine or believe how one tick bite could change our lives to the degree it has. Once an energetic, care free girl who loved school, swimming and hanging out with family and friends suddenly turned into a girl dealing with countless doctors appointments, daily medication regimens, daily headaches, joint pain, stomach issues, allergies, brain fog, anxiety and depression. We are so fortunate to have found Lyme WNY. Lyme WNY is a group of caring and compassionate people who truly understand what we are going through. They been a huge support to Maya and our family through it all. Maya enjoys going to the meetings and talking with others who can relate to what she is going through. They have given us direction, guidance, support and information to help us to navigate through this difficult time. Maya struggles daily but at the same time is making slow progress and one of the strongest people I know. Seeing other Lyme warriors who have overcome this gives us strength and hope💚.

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