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Lorinda Koczur

Lorinda, & Her Daughter Allison- Both Lyme Warriors
Around 2004 I had a “mark” on my arm that my doctor told me he thought was a shingle. I shook my head and new it wasn’t a shingle, since it didn’t hurt, itch or anything. I remember having a “summer flu” after that. Bad headaches, brain fog, off balance and extreme fatigue. Later after changing doctors i was tested for EBV which came back positive. I was in my early 50’s so chances are high i had it at some point in time! It wasn’t until my daughter got very sick in August of 2010 and I pushed for testing through Igenex and found that she had Lyme Disease. Going to the LLMD2 days before Christmas with her and reading lead me to get tested too. By this time i had lesions in the white matter of my brain after testing was done. I have learned to live with chronic Lyme and fortunately I’m not as bad as many others are.
Fast forward a few years to when my daughter was in college and Rebecca reached out to me through a comment i had made a year prior and a local news channel regarding Lyme. I went to the first couple of meetings at Danny’s. I continue to advocate for people when they reach out to me. My daughter and i have been to different Conservation fairs in our town and pass out literature and answer questions that people have.

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