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Juliet Szymanski

Juliet, mother of Lyme Warriors
I have watched my daughter suffer with an illness we did not know about for 3 years. We had multiple doctors tell us she was psychosomatic or had a convergence disorder and that my 15 year old daughter just didn't want to go to school. As her mother I knew that wasn't true. After years of searching, three chiropractors told us they think she may have Lyme disease. One of them referred us to a LLMD. My daughter fought us on going to her because she was done being poked and tested with no answers. Watching my 15 year old daughter take over 25 different migraine medications was not easy and the side effects were hard for my husband and I to watch. We understood but we were determined to find some answers and we felt what this doctor could tell us was different from the rest. After dragging her in to the appointment and an hour talking to the doctor, she suspected it was Lyme disease. The bloodwork came back in a week or so confirming it. Right then and there, my husband and I knew we had to do whatever we could for our daughter, no matter what the cost was. With the help of family, friends and an incredible organization, we were able to go to some of the top doctors out there to treat her. She has had many ups and downs and it has been a long road but my husband and I would do anything for our girls. With her going to these doctors, my other daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease and we didn't even realize. Because of Stephanie, she was able to be treated before she got really sick.
Lyme WNY has been such a great support system. They are there for me when I'm having down days and with the help of this amazing group, we are able to help many others that have dealt with a similar situation.

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