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Jennie, a Lyme Warrior
I always considered myself an active, energetic, and outgoing person. Until about 7 years ago when my life completely changed. My new “normal” included a stiff neck, headaches, facial pain, dizziness, stomach problems, and excruciating joint and muscle pain. The first year was filled with doctors appointments, tests, a surgery, countless misdiagnoses and medicines but nothing seemed to help. For years, I was just trying to make it through each day wondering every night if I would wake up the following morning. My friends and family were the only joy I had at that time. Finally, I found a doctor who tested me for Lyme and surprisingly came back positive. I never knew ticks were a common problem in our area nor do I ever recall having a tick bite. She put me on 3 weeks of antibiotics, but I didn’t feel any better. It was a huge disappointment. After researching Lyme disease my head was spinning with information. I was referred to Lyme WNY and told that they had a lot of useful information. I had no idea walking in that it was going to be the answer to all my prayers. Listening to each story filled me with so many different emotions happiness sadness frustration relief and most importantly hope. I wasn’t alone, I had people to talk to who were going through or had been through the same thing. Lyme WNY helped me to find the right LLMD and now I am on my journey to recovery. I am able to play with my kids, work and perform daily activities without feeling like I am struggling to get through each day. There are not enough thank you’s or hugs that I could ever give Lyme WNY for not only helping me but my whole family. 💚

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