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Erica Law

By: Erica a Lyme Warrior
From 16-28 years old my health was on a decline. By summer of 2019, I had become disabled and bedridden. I finally received a proper diagnosis: I have Lyme disease.
Healing is a lot of work, but it is POSSIBLE. I went from needing assistance to walk to the bathroom and feeling like I had suffered a massive stroke to starting to ride my bike on good days this April! I’m excited for my future again!!! With intensive treatment I am regaining normalcy little by little. There are so many happy tears being shed these days. Everything is exciting all over again. Nothing is mundane. Nothing is taken for granted.
I am thankful for all the people I have met through Lyme WNY and for the constant encouragement that things can get better. Whoever you are out there- know things can get better and there is hope ❤️.

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