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Donna Kneis

By Donna a Lyme Warrior💚
The saying May day, May day is an SOS for aircraft, ships and boats etc who are in need of assistance. To those of us in LymeWNY we are taking all of the days in May to sound the alarm on Lyme disease and tick borne diseases. I have spent most of my life with health issues due to Lyme disease and not knowing it was Lyme. I finally found a Lyme literate MD and began my journey to some sort of healthier life. When I started to attend LymeWNY support group meetings that our group chair Rebecca Roll started, there were 5 folks including me. As time went on and the number of attendees grew exponentially, it was very evident the need was there for our group. As of today we have had a walk, two Galas and an educational symposium and monthly support group meetings that now hold upwards of fifty folks. I will be forever grateful for this group that reaches out to the community to help them in
their struggles with this disease. We have had successful stories and moments emerge from our efforts. This is a pic of me out West, summer of 2019 reminding folks to use products to keep you tick free while enjoying outdoors. Come see us when we all resume " normal ".

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