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From the Mother of a daughter bitten by an infected tick
Charlotte was infected with Lyme and Bartonella after a tick bite when she was 4 years old. What followed were the scariest, most stressful months of my life. Watching my daughter suffer and feeling helpless is something I would never wish on any parent. But thankfully we found hope! Finding an LLMD who listened and was empathetic to what we had been through was the first step to healing. Once we had an official clinical diagnosis and bloodwork we could actually form a plan to help Charlotte overcome the disease that was ravaging her poor little body.
Three years after a great deal of intensive treatment and support, I am happy to report that Charlotte is still in remission. She is a happy go lucky, outgoing, and spirited little lady and is the best example of a Lyme Warrior that I have ever seen! She was and continues to be so strong. I’ve never met a kid who has been through SO much who simply doesn’t ever back down and fights through pain and adversity! We are thankful each day that we are blessed with this amazing little girl who wants the world to know that she's a Warrior! 💚
Our family is working hard every day to educate on the dangers of ticks and tick borne illness with the help of Lyme WNY. I am so grateful to them for being there to listen, offer support and most of all for providing us with a community of fellow Lyme Warriors with whom we could connect with so we didn’t feel so alone. The work that the Lyme WNY team is doing every day is making huge gains in the fight against Lyme! 💚

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