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From the words of a Lyme Warrior
Everyone’s experience with Lyme disease is a little bit different, but mine began a little over four years ago. In the beginning I started experiencing severe digestive issues, brain fog, and extreme fatigue, but if you fast forward two and a half years later, I then had a symptom list a mile long. By that point joint pain, heart palpitations, Bell’s Palsy, headaches, memory loss, anxiety, and depression had all become part of my every day struggle. This led to countless days where I could hardly find the strength to get out of bed, which left me confused. At that point in time I had seen fifteen to twenty doctors for an illness that they had deemed a “mystery.” I had been tested for Lyme Disease three times, and all of the results came back negative, but it wasn’t until I attended my first Lyme WNY meeting that I learned just how unreliable those tests actually were. After sharing my troubling experiences with Lyme WNY, they urged me to seek out a Lyme literate doctor, and for that I could never thank them enough. Now every month for the last year I have been traveling over 200 miles each way to see a doctor who not only gave me a clinical diagnosis, but is treating the Lyme disease, as well as various co-infections. My progress has been slow, but I am happy to report that many of my symptoms have lessened, and some have even vanished completely. I am so grateful to Lyme WNY for all of the help, and support that they have given to not only me, but to all of the Lyme warriors out there.

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