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Ann Desotelle

By Ann, a Lyme Warrior!
Today is May 5, Cinco de annual celebration about Mexico’s liberation from the French. My traditional celebration with my friends was nonexistent for 3 full years. Lyme with Babesia robbed 3 years of my life- from personal to professional, to emotional, and financial. I couldn’t wrap my head around a medical community that shuns an entire population of very ill people. After 3 years of misdiagnoses and untreated Lyme, I found my path led me to a Lyme friendly/knowledgeable population at Lyme WNY. Fast forward 10 months and I can finally celebrate my liberation from tick borne diseases...I prefer my lime to come from a produce section and not from a tick..Thank you Lyme WNY and for all those countless people who have been with me during this battle...

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