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Andrea Doll

Dréa, Lyme Warrior who is so Blessed to celebrate Mother's Day with her Miracle Baby
At 24 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease after finding me bed ridden, on oxygen, needing to use a cane, needing assistance with the simplest tasks. I had lost my job and my independence in the blink of an eye. The physical, mental and emotional trauma of Lyme disease is indescribable. Being diagnosed is just the beginning of your up hill battle that feels never ending. But one, day you stop and realize how amazingly strong you are. I slowly got better after years of treatments. I no longer need a cane to get around and I got healthy enough to have my beautiful daughter. I’m slowly finding my independence and learning who I am now because I will never be the person I was before Lyme disease. Lyme disease will forever have changed me and my family.

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