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Lyme WNY Presents - Jill & Ira Auerbach
Lyme WNY

Lyme WNY Presents - Jill & Ira Auerbach

Ira Auerbach moved to the Hudson Valley over 50 years ago, when he began his work as an Engineer at IBM. Along with Jill and their children he spent much of his time camping and enjoying outdoor activities, which is where a tick probably nabbed Jill. Since retiring he has spent a great deal of time in helping to resolve issues related to tick-borne diseases. Ira is co-chair of NYS Senator Serino’s Lyme and TBD Advisory Board, a board member of S.T.O.P, a board member of Hudson Valley Lyme Disease Assn., a member of the NYS Coalition on Lyme and TBD, a member of the Coalition for Federal Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Legislation, and participates in the Dutchess County Tick Task Force. A bright and clear minded scientist; he always has wonderful insights to enhance their ability to act together as a team, rarely seeing one without the other! BTW, Ira likewise, had Lyme disease; however, he was treated promptly with good results. Jill Auerbach is a forceful advocate for Lyme and Tick-borne Disease. Jill has developed a national reputation for her focus on prevention, education, patients, legislative advocacy, and her work with Tick-borne Disease research. Jill suffered from the many impacts of Lyme Disease for decades, and emerged determined to make changes. Her special interest is in stopping ticks and the pathogens they transmit. Ready to both change laws and change the science of the disease. Both she and her husband Ira are a team and co-chairs of NYS Senator Serino’s Advisory Board on TBD. She and Ira have been key persons involved with legislation passed in NYS as well as with federal legislation which inserted TBDs into the 21st Century Cures act establishing the HHS TBD Working Group. She served as a subcommittee member of the 2018 HHS TBDWG Subcommittee on Disease Vectors, Surveillance and Prevention. She is also leading the effort to focus on the prevention of Lyme disease by attacking the source of the disease -- ticks. As such, she organized the scientific coalition, “Tick Research to Eliminate Disease” (TRED) consisting of notable scientists to advocate the dire need for tick research to both Congress and governmental agencies. Her greatest goal is for our beautiful environment to be returned to the safe place it once was when she was a child so that all of us, especially our children can enjoy it without becoming the victim of a tick!
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